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One of the most challenging

things in music & in life, is to

fit in and to not be yourself.


We love to say, we want to

be free & uncaged, so why 

must an artist stick to one

particular style, sound

or genre? As people,

we never just stick to

one particular emotion.


I grew up to the birth name;

DaROOTS Hart. And was

cultivated by a persevering

Nubian, Jamaican

(& at the time) Rastafarian 

single mom, raising tree boys

and a girl.


Musically, Gregory Isaac is 

still mother's favorite artist.

But Bob Marley & the Wailers,

the Heptones, the Kongos

the Gladiators, Alton Ellis,

the Paragons, Slim Smith

and the Techniques, were

on heavy rotation throughout

my childhood.


My father was said to have

one of the largest sound systems

in East New York, Brooklyn

in the late 70s and 80s.


My oldest brother, introduced 

us to Hip Hop. He used to

put scratches on pop's records,

trying to DJ. He was heavily

involved the streets resembled

and dressed like LL Cool J,

(back in the day:)

My present day influences

are everyday life & experiences

of my own & others, along

with my imagination & fears.

Also from music I love and

listen to often and music

I dislike & only listen to once.


I'm truly all about the music,

so you may not see my face

all up in the videos, artwork,

or splattered on any merch.

Me being portrayed as a

sex symbol or a successful

public figure, is insignificant.

But if my music makes you

feel, Empowered, Successful

or even like a Sex Symbol,

then that's my pivotal point.





(of @MusicSafeDRug°)



(P.S, this was written on

the north bound 5 train)

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